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  1. 7+ years of experience in high-volume web application environment.
  2. Extensive exposure in E–Commerce site development using various tools & framework such as Magento
  3. Experience in server optimization, database tuning, search optimization and network solution.
  4. Experience in monitor performance and tune databases to optimize for different workloads.
  5. Proactive communication on risks and corrective actions.


  • Scripting  & Language         : PHP ,jQuery, Prototype.js
  • Framework                              : Magento, Codeigniter,
  • Operating Systems                : Linux, Windows.
  • Database                                   : Mysql
  • Web-service                            : SOAP, JSON, REST
  • Debugging & Tool                  : Xdebug,GDB & Vi editor.
  • Server                                        : Apache (Http server),Nginx ,Varnish(Reverse proxy)
  • Optimization                           : APC,Memcach
  • Search enhancement           : Solr, Sphinx.
  • Testing                                      : Jmeter
  • Version control                       : Git


Organization       :     Net distribution Pvt. Ltd
Designation         :     Senior Software developer.
Location               :     Mumbai, India
Duration               :     Jan 2013 – Till Date

• Requirement Gathering & Feasibility Study.
• Drawing up a schedule for SDLC using Agile Methodologies.
• Designing and Developing the web portal.
• Developing multi-store application.
• Developed solution architecture for the application.
• Writing the Developers Documentation.
• Designed coding standards and various useful materials for the developers.
• Bringing in new ideas, features & user friendly designs for e-commerce websites.
• Coordinating with Digital Marketing and Multichannel Marketing Team.
• Monitoring company’s e-commerce strategies as they are being implemented.
• Template Designs and implementation for e-bay store.
• Drawing up a schedule for projects under way and ensuring that the technical teams meet their deadlines.
• Ensuring quality of the software and web portals developed.
• Providing status reports to directors.


  • Thedostore.com                        (Electronic)
  • Shopatdisney.in                         (Kids)
  • imagestore.co.in                        (Camera ,Printer  & accessory)
  • samsoniteindia.com                 (Luggage)
  • bwitch.in                                       (Lingerie)
  • shopwillslifestyle.com            (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  • shop.sennheiserindia.com    (Electronic)

Organization       : Iksula Services Pvt. Ltd
Designation         : Software developer.
Location               : Mumbai, India
Duration               : April 2012 – Dec 2012  


• Monitoring company’s e-commerce strategies as they are being implemented.
• Worked on strategic e-business implementation of Customer projects.
• Bringing in new ideas, features & user friendly designs for e-commerce websites.
• Develop responsive proposals that provide cost-effective solutions to our clients needs.
• Drawing up a schedule for projects under way and ensuring that the technical teams meet their deadlines.
• Ensuring quality of the software and web portals developed.
• Implemented agile project management methodology for various projects.
• Designed coding standards and various useful material for the developers.
• Managing the crowdsourcing process.
• Providing status reports to directors.

Own the technical execution of one or more cutting-edge web products. Champion the use of best practices agile, versioning, tool usage. Mentor and bring out the best in a talented engineering team. Work closely with product and project managers to plan, coordinate, and deliver according to a high-level product roadmap.

Organization       :     Zaptech solutions
Designation         :     Software Developer
Location                :     Ahmadabad, India
Duration               :     April 2010 – March 2011


  • Participate in developing completely customized upgradable websites in Magento.
  • Participate in migration of e Commerce websites from other platforms to Magento.
  • Product and category management using various tools such as magmi.

Product and category management of application. Integration with third party application such as sugerCRM. Building custom module without overriding core files. Developed CLI based admin panel for better performance.

Organization      :     National Aerospace Lab.
Designation        :     Software Engineer
Location               :    Bangalore, India
Duration               :     Aug 2007 – Oct 2009


  • Writing Inter Cluster communication protocol (v5.0).
  • Distributed FLOAT ADDITION and FINDMAX.


  • National Aerospace Lab (NAL) had setup a UNIX based cluster computer, which is used for predicting Indian forecast. An optical board, which is designed in-house provides high speed communication between inter cluster. It operates using FPGA. Optical communication consists of many steps.

Communication protocol starts with DPM (Dual port memory) init. Init means initialize the memory with zero. Then link table is prepared in the memory. This two-steps are common is both sender and receiver. The one who gives command first will become sender and the other will be receiver. Sender will send the send request and receiver will be replying back either as ready to receive or busy now. Apart from this it can also reply such as No link established, time out. After receiving the status from receiver, Sender will send count and data. To conform the successful completion of communication protocol, Sender will send the total send data count along with data where as receiver will reply back with total data count received. When both count matches it is marked as successful else the whole process is repeated. Responsibility 

  • Implement of whole idea in c and test all possible cases for.
  • Fixing bugs in the previous code.



Distributed float addition or finding maximum of all numbers is done in three steps.


INTER PARTIAL FLOAT / FINDMAX: Intra partial float addition is done using switch (in-house product). Data from the all-processing element is written on switch memory and inter partial command will be given. Switch has Pentium processor, which will do floating-point addition and write partial float add result to the optical switch. DATA COMMUNICATION: To communicate one should know source, destination and length. A header will be formed with all the required information then data will be prepared for communication finally command will be given for the communication. Communication protocol will take care of successful transfer of data. INTER CLUSTER FLOAT / FINDMAX: in inter cluster float addition two set of data is used one from the current cluster result and other from the other cluster result (which is communicated). Both set of data are added in switch and final result will be return to all processing element local DPM. This is just an opposite of inter partial. Responsibility 

  • Writing c code for distributed float and findmax protocol.

Organization      :     Mindlogicx InfoTech Pvt. Ltd
Designation        :     Software Engineer
Location               :     Bangalore, India
Duration               :     Aug 2006 – Feb 2007


  • Managing Edulogicx, Mindlogicx web portal.
  • Fixing and updating both Mindlogicx and Edulogicx portal.
  • Adding new feature such as digital library management.


  • Edulogicx is an e-learning website. This provides on line examination, entrance examination preparation and so on. Digital library management is done using JSP, Servelates and Mysql Data base. This feature helps to keep track of library books and cd. Librarian can update its database using online forum. Users can know their status by logging in user account.


  • Maintaining and updating of web portal.

Best web portal manager of Mindlogicx – 2006   EDUCATION

B.E in Information Technology 7.0/10.0 2002-2006
PUC (In Science) 86.00% 2001-2002
SSLC 83.00% 1999-2000

STRENGTHS 1. Develop an understanding of the latest technology in Web based Products and applications. 2. Identify application upgrade paths, opportunities for improving design, performance and code of existing applications, products. 4. Provide technical leadership to team for issue resolution. 5. Communicate correctly with customers, development team and business analysts 6. Documentation of project specifications.


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