MyISAM vs Innodb – Quick comparison Table:

Storage Engine:-
mysql -uroot -p
mysql> show engines;

This should provide a list of supported storage engines for your server. The standard engines supported by MySQL are:

  • MyISAM
  • InnoDB
  • BDB (BerkeleyDB)
  • CSV
  • ISAM

MyISAM vs Innodb – Quick comparison Table:

MyISAM Innodb
Not *ACID compliant and non-transactional *ACID compliant and hence fully transactional with ROLLBACK andCOMMIT and support for Foreign Keys
MySQL 5.0 Default Engine Rackspace Cloud Default Engine
Offers Compression Offers Compression
Requires full repair/rebuild of indexes/tables Auto recovery from crash via replay of logs
Changed Db pages written to disk instantly Dirty pages converted from random to sequential before commit and flush to disk
No ordering in storage of data Row data stored in pages in PK order
Table level locking Row level locking

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